Congratulations to
Christopher Salinetro
Air Base Elementary's
Teacher of the Year!!!

Mr. Salinetro

“Mommy, mommy look at that sparkling star at the top of the tree! May I keep him please, please!” “I’m sorry, Jocey, you can’t take him with you to Middle School. Mr. Salinetro belongs to Air Base.” My reference to the brilliant star at the top of the tree sprang from that moment Sal most tenderly touched my life.  In a frustrating moment of panic for the holiday play, it was he who generously offered to design and light up the welcoming, awe-inspiring backdrop. As he wove each tiny light in the windows of the homes, I metaphorically felt him embracing the heartstrings of our Air Base community. I can appreciate how blessed the families feel to know their children are inspired to risk, research, and to reach for the stars…and most importantly, as Dr. Seuss would say, “He taught them to think!”

Mr. Salinetro embraces differentiation and brain-based strategies stimulating his gifted students through literary connections.  He infuses chapter books that encourage and empower reflective hypotheses on scientific methodology and applications to everyday life. Sal’s energy, enthusiasm and drive are infectious. He serves as a positive role model who encourages his students to raise the bar on their expectations, set realistic goals, and an action plan to reach them. 

As gatekeeper to the After-School Care Program, Sal dedicates before, during and after school hours planning to address the demands of supervising a disciplined staff, securing a nurturing environment to support our families, and providing the healthiest venue for students’ intellectual/physical growth and development.  He welcomes the families, as well as the sunshine, each morning to enable the early birds to engage in AR opportunities in media center.  He avails himself to the Air Base community for directed one-to-one tutorials.  Parents credit Mr. Salinetro, often in a surrogate father capacity, for stimulating even the most reluctant learners, when they themselves have “given up”.

Mr. Salinetro is committed to Service Learning through encouraging his students to exemplify leadership, good character and the value of “giving back”. He is a conscientious mentor of the LEAGUE in Action.  Sal inspires his fifth grade students to serve as informed, global citizens of the 21st Century.  As empathetic leaders, they demonstrate brilliance tempered by compassion serving as “Big Buddies” to a targeted group of primary children.  Their magical connections empower mutually satisfying social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Sal attends Science Leaders workshops and shares his BEST PRACTICES as applied to the new SSS. He facilitates scaffolding strategies and standards to empower all stakeholders which serve to impact knowledge acquisition. Employing innovative techniques, as a science facilitator/art club director, he shares new insights from diverse angles. He filters tested strategies molding them into pioneering processes, i.e. SMARTboard/Video microscope and the computerized EYEclopse, a handheld kid-version of a microscope, which enables students to view objects not visible to the naked eye. Mr. Salinetro is the quintessential teacher who facilitates each student’s learning need: “to involve me and I understand!